Photo Throw Blanket Make the Perfect Gift

If you have no idea what perfect present to give to a family member, relative or friend, why not give a personalized photo throw blanket. Better yet, you can also have one for yourself or for your home. What makes it special is the photo that you choose when you order for this blanket. And because it is supposed to display your most precious memory, you must know how to choose the picture.

First of all, you need to choose a photo that will look good when replicated or printed into fabric. Customer photo throw blankets from use different fabric materials and certain pictures look good in one type of fabric but not so much on another. A good tip in finding the most suitable picture is that it should have clear details. It would really help if the picture has good lighting and a good background. IF there are unwanted parts in the picture, you need to crop it out before you submit it for processing. It would also help to make all necessary alterations to the photo before it is transferred or transformed into a throw.

Lighting is very important to ensure that that the throw will be beautiful. Bad lighting will obscure the subject of the photo. Just because the lighting is too bright, doesn't mean that the pictures will transfer to the fabric beautifully. The same is true with pictures that have poor lighting or dark background. So make sure that there is a high contrast between your background and the subject in the photo that you choose. In other words, you subject must be clear and easily identifiable.

Moving on, you also need to keep in mind that the bigger the throw blanket that more details it can hold. So a big blanket can have many subject in it--say a family photo. Needless to say, whether you choose to buy a small throw or a big throw, the subject of the photo should be very clear. This also goes to say that the subject of the photograph should ideally be at the center of the photo. This will ensure that that throw blanket from this website will display the whole picture clearly and beautifully.

After selecting your best photo, the next step is to choose the type of photo throw blanket. There are a lot of options. For example you can choose a photo blanket that uses the entire photo for whole blanket. There is also a collage blanket for which you can use to or more photos of your choice.  There are many types to choose from so why not visit the The Memories Place and find out which one is the best customized photo throw blanket to give as a gift or have for yourself. To know more about photography, visit this website at .